I am a freelance photographer and a Registered Nurse. I have been shooting since I was old enough to hold a camera and look through a viewfinder. I am known for my ability to capture people's emotions and telling the story whether it is a beach shoot or a family get together if I am there and shooting I will capture the emotion and memories. In the Summer of 2012 I began photographing families and events. Christmas 2012 I received a gift certificate allowing me to officially shoot one basketball game on the court for the University of Delaware ... that gift has kept on giving . I now shoot UD sports events on a regular basis and spent the 2013 Football season capturing not just the football team but the stadium environment. Beyond the people I photograph is another world of photography - IMAGES - I shoot nature and many other things in life. These photographs open up another part of my artistic side. I love to capture photographs that guide the viewer into a world they never saw before. Sometimes I take multiple related images and create montages and other altered reality. I love photography and sharing my images is my way of showing you the world through a different perspective.